Divan Medical Mooshme

Dear Valued Moosh Patients,

Divan Medical has been committed to providing high quality Telemedicine Services to patients that desire direct, discreet, prompt and personal service. We have and always will do what is in the best interest and well being of our patients and at the time will no longer be onboarding patients for ESA consultations until our team audits the Medical onboarding process and adds required Audio/Video Consultation with your therapists as opposed to an asynchronous one. The Moosh Team apologizes for any inconvenience for new patients, however all existing patients will continue to receive ongoing support from our staff and Therapists. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at divanmedical@gmail.com or 844-386-7463. Happy Holidays! We look forward to being able to service your ESA needs in the near future. Thanks for being Valued Patients and expect great things from Divan Medical and Moosh in 2020!

Divan Medical & Moosh